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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Are We or aren't We created in the image of G?

I''m contemplating utilizing capitals whenever using pronouns such as You, Me, He, etc.

If people are created B'tzelem E-ohim, in the Divine image, then perhaps we should start recognizing one another's divinity in everyday writing....

Perhaps, in order to keep a check on hubris, i will also start making the word "i" in lower case.

It reminds me of the famous, and most influential perhaps of Chasidic stories, the papers in the two pockets: Simcha Bunim of Pshischa taught that every day, one should carry pieces of paper in his or her pockets. In one pocket, written on it is "For me the world was created." In the other pocket, "i am but ashes and dust." On days of low self-esteem, we pull out the paper that says "For me the world was created." On the days of hubris, "i am but ashes and dust."

How do we get people to think about the crucial balance between self-esteem and hubris? And, how do we make life less about ourselves and more about others' welfare? This is my personal core question, and why i left the inner sanctum of Jewish communal life to be the director of an interfaith organization which is, by definition, devoted to the Other.

I am just not blogging enough; time to start saying things with a little more regularity....thank You, my dear friend Nukhet, for urging me to write more!